Water Safety

Summer is just around the corner and educators across all rooms have started to implement water-based activities that provide great early learning opportunities for our children – watering our flower beds, water paintings, sensory water trays including natural resources like lemons from our tree and lots of pouring and stirring experiences, bubble baths and more!

During the warmer months of the year water play is a big hit not only at early learning centres like Buttercups but also in family homes all across Australia! Fun aside, it is important to make water safety a top priority – please have a look at the following article on how parents can reduce the risks of water play. Sadly, an average of 30 children under the age of five have drowned in Australia each year for the past 10 years.


WHERE? Wandi (Corner of Kenby Chase & Lyon Road)

WHEN? May/June 2020

More information to follow soon!

How many toys does my child need?

We are sure you have wondered about this exact question and tried to figure out how to best support your child’s early learning. Children are easily overwhelmed with choice and a child who is unsure of what to play with often ends up playing with nothing at all.
The two articles below provide a great starting point to explore this topic further including interesting ideas like toy rotation, putting toys on display and more!

Cultural diversity

Do you know where your child’s educators in the room are from? Where they have lived before?

At Buttercups Childcare & Kindergarten we are proud of providing a home away from home for children and educators originating from many different countries! Diverse cultures in early learning offer a tremendous opportunity to learn how to value and respect people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We appreciate and encourage input from families and staff to share their cultural background with our community – may it be singing a song or reading a story in a child’s home language or sharing cultural celebrations that happen throughout the year.

Have a look at the following interesting facts about cultural diversity :-)


50 would be female
50 would be male

26 would be children. There would be 75 adults, 8 of whom would be 65 and older.

There would be:
60 Asians
15 Africans
14 people from the Americas
11 Europeans

12 would speak Chinese, 5 Spanish, 5 English, 3 Arabic, 3 Hindi, 3 Bengali, 3 Portuguese, 2 Russian, 2 Japanese, 62 would speak other languages.

83 would be able to read and write. 17 would not.

Importance of daily tasks

At Buttercups Childcare & Kindergarten, early learning experiences are part of our daily routines and programs and throughout our day we encourage children to be involved in daily tasks teaching them important life skills. Through helping with tasks children learn responsibility and self-reliance, they become a valuable member of the family “team” which helps to develop strong teamwork skills to use later in life at school or work. Additionally, helping with tasks builds a strong work ethic and improves planning and time management skills.

Above all – doing tasks together provides families with a chance to bond. People often lament that daily life tasks take up time they could be spending with their children. But tasks can actually create special moments between children and adults. Little ones who always want to help will feel important and receive a self-esteem boost!

For information on how to set your family up for success when involving their children in daily tasks have a look at this link: https://selfsufficientkids.com/how-chores-set-kids-up-success-life/

Toddlers and milk bottles

If you are looking for ways on how to and when to best wean your toddler off the bottle they often happily rely on, please have a look at the following two articles for some great ideas and more information on the benefits of stopping bottles.


Educators in early learning centres like Buttercups happily share their insights on this topic with families if you require some additional information!

New centre – Wandi

It’s happening! The first sign for our new centre is up! Where? Wandi (Corner of Kenby Chase & Lyon Road)! Doors opening in May/June 2020!

More information to follow!

Forest learning

Have you heard about “forest learning” and how it can help children develop emotional resilience?

Forest learning provides children with the opportunity to connect or re-connect with the world around them in its natural state! Children and young people are provided with early learning opportunities to explore the natural environment, experience appropriate risk and challenge, and direct their own learning!

Find out more about this exciting way of outdoor learning following this link – https://thesector.com.au/2019/06/14/forest-schools-how-climbing-trees-and-making-dens-can-help-children-develop-resilience/

Play and communication

At early learning centres like Buttercups we fully support play-based learning and all the benefits that come with it – it allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that early learning happens and children at a very early age engage and interact with the world around them.

To find out how children use play to communicate and why this communication is so important, please check out this link:

Book Week 2019

Reading and engaging with stories in different ways is such an important part of the routine in early learning centres like Buttercups! We are half way through book week and have some exciting activities going on to celebrate stories, our favourite book characters and literacy – parents are joining us for mat sessions to read their child’s favourite book to the group, we have seen some great costumes already, story baskets are made up to enrich story telling and lots more to come!

To find out more about book week, how it all started and the various themes over the years, please check out this link for the “Children’s Book Council of Australia” – https://cbca.org.au/