Children & choices

Would you like your child to choose broccoli over cookies?

Giving children choices helps them feel like they have some power and control over what they do. The key to giving children choices is to first decide what choices you will allow them to make. 

Below is a fantastic article on how to best offer choices to children and the difference between asking them to choose verbally or by pointing!

Early learning centres like Buttercups offer children a big variety of choices throughout the day – from activities and resources to engage in to different types of fruit for afternoon tea! Making good choices is a skill that children will use for the rest of their lives.

Playing with peers great for language acquisition

Toddlers word learning skills increase around their peers!

New research of the University of Waterloo has found that children who are attending early learning centres like Buttercups may have an advantage over their peers when it comes to language acquisition! While all toddlers showed “surprisingly good” speech processing skills when it came to deciphering the speech of their peers, those who have more exposure to other children, such as in an early learning centre like Buttercups, are particularly good at associating a new word to a new object, which is an important part of word learning.

To read the full article and the whole study, please follow

Singing and language acquisition

Through singing, children are exposed to rich communication and relationships, a sense of belonging, meaningful learning and many happy experiences.

Songs are a great way to help anyone learn and remember, and they are a wonderful tool used by teachers all over the world. An important part of any preschool classroom, singing contributes to teach behaviour, basic skills, and social skills. Preschool songs also use rhymes to help children to learn vocabulary and communication skills. If you are interested to find out more, please have a look at the link below:

Amazing benefits of hugging

Love and affection are necessary for both optimal positive emotional and physical development. Nothing feels better than giving your loved one a warm embrace – or being on the receiving end, right? How wonderful are those memories when your child first gave you a little squeeze back?
Please check out this link to find out more about the amazing benefits of hugging –

At Buttercups Childcare & Kindy we encourage children to give each other a hug or show empathy in other ways to provide each other with emotional support if needed and our educators are always available for a quick cuddle during the day!


This week we are celebrating NAIDOC week! All rooms across the centre have wonderful activities on offer to celebrate the rich history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – painting/sticking of flags, sensory experiences and music appreciation!

Quality over quantity

Did you know that Australian parents spend more time with their children than parents anywhere else in the world? How wonderful, but be aware not to just tally up the hours … it matters what you do during that time!

Please have a look at this interview with Dr. Bailey Bosch who speaks about the importance of spending quality time with your child –[0]=68.ARDEEwdbIpOr_hsSDfxuuIbGAZNQZJfXAPDA6hZISqeAz9X8hLdYloWyAyhg9ScTquNKfpCM1ob_JWBb3WxWZeRo21ynANv6nVq-lBs9djRH7zbp2lYsCASBF5WhtIq0wiw2bJIM2GSevvX3osfajsgCehJp4F6GT3-LxF_36EKvPCxBccwnFaenDJwbvT7r0j2T2wcV3cQsyOgq2Z25j2pmywGZh3_5TimknNGzmWD_tQSpaAseSSUzdKfF12r7ejrZ-mcCk0u1WcyLqUZU7XQ59t5RYf7R4TTyNx9Ceew3jFB5ewx0gNbLvRelI2k9DyzK8UxL1W7y_lTX_Ujhcw3pzA&tn=-UK-R

Physical skills declining

A major study of more than 4000 Perth children has found basic physical skills such as balance, running, jumping, throwing and catching have declined in comparison with the previous generation!

Please read more here –

At Buttercups Childcare & Kindy we incorporate daily outdoor activities in our weekly program and constantly strive to come up with new ideas for physical play e.g. moving like animals in a book we are reading, chasing bubbles, balloon catch etc.

How do you keep your child physically active? We always love to hear about some new ideas!

Story baskets

Does your child have some favourites on the book shelf that you are reading over and over again and you’d like to shake things up a little? Do you sometimes get frustrated trying to keep your child’s attention?

If your answer is yes, we’d love to introduce you to story bags or baskets as are they are often called! Adding some props to your story telling may increase children’s attention span and engagement with the story which in turn supports language development!

Give it a go and please share some pictures of your story baskets with us!
Please find out more about this topic here –

Rain, rain, go away …

Do you need some ideas on how to entertain your little one on a rainy day?

Please have a look at the link below for some fun and cheap activities to keep little hands and minds busy! We highly recommend a visit to one of the many amazing libraries with great children’s sections all across Perth or a visit to Scitech, an interactive science museum where even toddlers can get involved with some fascinating experiments!

What’s your favourite thing to do with your child on a rainy day? Share with the Buttercups community and give other parents some new ideas!