My philosophy is about building on children’s interests to help facilitate their learning. I believe that each child is unique and learns in their own way. Passionate about children’s learning and development, I enjoy meeting new children and helping them gain as much knowledge as they can, but also making their time at the childcare centre stimulating and exciting. I also believe in following children’s cues and interests to provide a rich and nurturing environment. I love working with children as I believe that by providing love, stability, stimulation and positive role models, we can help to shape the adult that child will become. That’s why we have the most important and rewarding job in the world!

I firmly believe that strong relationships with families, carers and the community are essential in any child’s development and look forward to forming these relationships. I think that children need a warm comforting environment and a strong bond with educators to feel safe and secure each day. And the best way to form these relationships is through taking time to get to know their interests and routines and building on this.