Honeywood Educators


Centre Coordinator

An as Early Childhood Teacher I have over 12 years experience in the Early Childhood and Care sector both as a teacher and as a Centre Coordinator.

In my eyes children are individual, unique and capable learners who learn best through play when feeling supported and nurtured. This allows them to be themselves, grown and form secure relationships with their peers and with the educators.

I strongly believe in providing a warm, homely environment which allows a child to feel safe and secure so that they can thrive to the best of their abilities. The environment is set in a way to be the 3rd teacher so that a child’s curiosity is captured to use their imagination.

I am very friendly and approachable as I aim to build strong relationships with my families so that together we can achieve the best outcomes for the child. Children will always come first and is at the forefront of every decision I make in order to provide high quality education and care to all children.

I look forward to getting to know all children, siblings and parents at Buttercups Early Learning Centre Honeywood.


Educational Leader and ECT

My personal philosophy is based around the belief that children are unique and individual learners. I value their individual needs, abilities and interests. Through a play based program I will provide opportunities for the children to grow through the curriculum.

The environment both indoor and outdoor are an important part of my philosophy and teaching style. I believe the environment should be stimulating, provide open-ended tasks and change regularly to reflect the needs of students.

I value the contributions of families and the wider community and believe that partnerships should be based on respect, trust and open communication.

I believe in teaching about our multicultural society so they will learn how diverse our country is. I will aim to teach cultural competence to the students to enable them to understand and effectively interact with people from a range of cultures.

As a teacher I am friendly and responsive to the children building relationships. I am enthusiastic as well as an eager learner and I believe in making every opportunity we are given worthwhile.  I can inspire the children I teach to want to learn and be confident in their abilities. I am a good communicator and very approachable which I believe is key in helping children in the classroom.



Administrator & Compliance

I believe that each child is an individual and as an educator I will value and develop each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend their learning.

I understand and believe that all children of all ages learn through their play, this helps by providing things for them to explore, discover, create and imagine. I will help children to celebrate all cultures as we are all different and have different understandings of the world around us.

I also cherish that each and every child is unique with different interests, backgrounds, and developmental stages.

I consider families a vital aspect of my role as getting to know each and every family helps you to understand the different aspects and needs they would like for you to meet while their children are in our care.

I would love to strive over my time at Buttercups to help the children learn and grow but also to hold and keep those trusting relationships with the children and families throughout the centre.

Diana (Di)

Area Manager

Di believes children have the right to feel safe, secure and happy in a place that is welcoming, fun and a pleasant environment.

That children should be treated respectfully and embraced as individuals with their own unique learning styles, abilities and personalities. Their early years learning environment should be rich with opportunities for children to investigate, interact, have fun and be stimulated from a very early age as this is the critical time for brain development. Children should be encouraged to be respectful of their environment, polite in their interactions with others and embrace the similarities and differences of those around them. Children’s curiosity, exploration and energy should be encouraged and fostered to help them become enthusiastic involved learners.

Di believes in building trusting relationships with parents and families as they entrust their child into her care. She takes this privilege very seriously and commits to gaining a greater understanding of the parents or guardians aspirations for their child’s learning. Together, we can provide enriched environments and learning opportunities that will have the best outcomes for their child. Di believes having parent or family involvement provides a richer and meaningful learning environment.