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Buttercups Childcare & Early Learning, Honeywood Centre had an incursion from Wacky Reptile Education. The different types of animals they displayed and discussed during their visit were 5 lizards native to our community; Frillneck Lizard, Achie Monitor, Bobtail, King Skink and Blue Tongue. The children were thrilled and delighted to have
Health and safety of our lovely children, families and early childhood educators have always been our highest priority. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that information and support are even more essential in keeping all children, families and teams reassured.  We are taking all the necessary precautions including educators wearing

January 20, 2021

St John Ambulance Incursion

On 12th January 2021, Buttercups Childcare and Early Learning Centre (Honeywood) held a very special incursion from St John Ambulance. The children all sat on the mat and listened as Blade, the Ambulance officer, spoke all about the role of an ambulance officer in our community, what’s  inside an ambulance
We are very excited to announce that Buttercups Childcare and Early Learning Centre (Aberdeen Street, Perth CBD) is opening a new room and will soon be ready to take 12 more children. Our Wobbler Room, also known as Lavender Room, shall cater for children above 12 months to 18 months
What a fantastic event again this year!  We appreciate all the love and support our families extend to us every year. Well done to all our Educators who worked hard to put together a fun day!  Each room had different art & craft experience set up such as play dough,