Perth CBD Educators


Centre Coordinator

As a committed and passionate early childhood educator I believe every child responds to love and positive care.

From a very early age I have never wanted anything more than to work and care for young children.

I take pride in seeing children develop in a caring educational environment, while providing the assurance of love,learning life skills and care, a philosophy I share with Buttercups.

I understand children have different needs and learning abilities. It is my passion to ensure I recognise their uniqueness and allow development at their pace.

I love to use the holistic environment ,recycled and natural materials as part of my everyday teaching to enhance each child’s skills and outcomes which is what I as an educator hope to achieve during their time here at buttercups.

I never tire of seeing a child’s face bursting into a smile, each time they walk into the room.

I always show patience, understanding and care to every child. It is a real pleasure to be given the opportunity to have such an impact on their early learning years.

My greatest goal for each individual child is to remember their first educator as having a positive impact on their learning journey as I did when I started my journey as a child.


Administration and Compliance

My philosophy is about building on children’s interests to help facilitate their learning. I believe that each child is unique and learns in their own way. Passionate about children’s learning and development, I enjoy meeting new children and helping them gain as much knowledge as they can, but also making their time at the childcare centre stimulating and exciting. I also believe in following children’s cues and interests to provide a rich and nurturing environment. I love working with children as I believe that by providing love, stability, stimulation and positive role models, we can help to shape the adult that child will become. That’s why we have the most important and rewarding job in the world!

I firmly believe that strong relationships with families, carers and the community are essential in any child’s development and look forward to forming these relationships. I think that children need a warm comforting environment and a strong bond with educators to feel safe and secure each day. And the best way to form these relationships is through taking time to get to know their interests and routines and building on this. 

Diana (Di)

Area Manager

Di believes children have the right to feel safe, secure and happy in a place that is welcoming, fun and a pleasant environment.

That children should be treated respectfully and embraced as individuals with their own unique learning styles, abilities and personalities. Their early years learning environment should be rich with opportunities for children to investigate, interact, have fun and be stimulated from a very early age as this is the critical time for brain development. Children should be encouraged to be respectful of their environment, polite in their interactions with others and embrace the similarities and differences of those around them. Children’s curiosity, exploration and energy should be encouraged and fostered to help them become enthusiastic involved learners.

Di believes in building trusting relationships with parents and families as they entrust their child into her care. She takes this privilege very seriously and commits to gaining a greater understanding of the parents or guardians aspirations for their child’s learning. Together, we can provide enriched environments and learning opportunities that will have the best outcomes for their child. Di believes having parent or family involvement provides a richer and meaningful learning environment.