Physical activity for children

How much physical activity does your child need?

Infants (0 to 1 year) – physical activity particularly through supervised interactive floor-based play in safe environments should be encouraged from birth. For those not yet mobile, 30 minutes of tummy time including reaching and grasping, pushing and pulling and crawling spread throughout the day during awake periods is encouraged.

Toddlers & Pre-schoolers (1 to 5 years) – should spend at least 180 minutes a day doing a variety of physical activities including at least 60 minutes of energetic play such as running, jumping and twirling spread throughout the day!

How can you fit some active minutes in your day with your child? What about some balloon games? Trying to keep balloons off the ground, balloon tennis or just blowing up a balloon and letting it go, encouraging your child to find it! These easy games get little bodies moving and develop hand and eye co-ordination!