Importance of daily tasks

At Buttercups Childcare & Kindergarten, early learning experiences are part of our daily routines and programs and throughout our day we encourage children to be involved in daily tasks teaching them important life skills. Through helping with tasks children learn responsibility and self-reliance, they become a valuable member of the family “team” which helps to develop strong teamwork skills to use later in life at school or work. Additionally, helping with tasks builds a strong work ethic and improves planning and time management skills.

Above all – doing tasks together provides families with a chance to bond. People often lament that daily life tasks take up time they could be spending with their children. But tasks can actually create special moments between children and adults. Little ones who always want to help will feel important and receive a self-esteem boost!

For information on how to set your family up for success when involving their children in daily tasks have a look at this link: