World Space Week

Buttercups Childcare & Early Learning Centre celebrated ‘World Space Week’.

It is never too early to introduce the concept of space and planets to children. Not only does it spark imagination and ignite curiosity, but it also enhances all areas of child’s development. 

Our Early Childhood Educators spent time planning a variety of fun space-like experiences for children. Our children were super excited that they had this whole week of exploring futuristic sensory play and making out of the world artistic creations (that included various art and craft experiences such as solar system wall hanging, making super-speed rockets, aluminium foil moon, sparkly yellow pom pom sun, twinkling star stamps and so on). They used their fine motor and creativity skills to put it all together.

World Space Week is held from October 4th-10th, 2020. It is an annual event that celebrates science and technology and their impact on the development of the human condition. World Space Week aims to educate children on the benefits they receive from space and encourage the use of space for sustainable economic development. 

Interested parents are encouraged to go through the below website, for more information, in this regard.