Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony 2020!!!

Button up your gown, fix your cap, and secure your tassel because Buttercups celebrates Kindergarten Graduation 2020!

On Thursday, 3rd December, Buttercups Childcare & Kindy (Aberdeen Street Centre) held Graduation Ceremony for our Kindergartens which was attended by many proud parents and families. The graduation ceremony was held in the Daffodil Room (Kindy). The children brightly welcomed the parents with a performance by singing the Wanjoo song (The Welcome Song) in the traditional Aboriginal Noongar language. We then proceeded with the Award Ceremony by awarding merit & participating certificates and a special graduation gift to Kindy children for their efforts or contributions in Buttercups. Light refreshments were offered to the parents and children right after the ceremony.

Most of our Kindergartens are getting ready to transition to big school next year, and in honour of the time they have spent together and with what the future holds, Buttercups celebrated with a fun, simple, but very memorable Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony. Thanks to all the parents and carers who could make it to the event. We do realise it’s a really special time not only for Educators and children but also for you who have nurtured their development and taught them many skills to help prepare them for school and life beyond!!!

Many children started off with us when they were babies and have been in Buttercups till Kindergarten. Now it’s time for them to transition to big school. During their time in Buttercups, the children grew and learned so much while maintaining a focus on developing social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language skills. Our Curriculum Program provided children exploration and exposure to a variety of topics that prepares them for school.

We want our children and their families to know that their time in Buttercups was precious and that we valued every second of it. This graduation was a fantastic opportunity to offer our children and their families to celebrate children’s early milestones and to reflect on their time at Buttercups and all they have accomplished throughout the year. Our graduates are moving on to new adventures and new accomplishments but they take with them the many wonderful discoveries, endearing friendships and lasting memories they shared together, and this is all worth celebrating…

Buttercups Childcare and Early Learning Centre congratulates all our Kindy graduates and wish them a very fun, safe great summer!

Here are some feedback of our Graduation Ceremony from our very proud parents –

“Thanks for putting up such a fantastic graduation ceremony! “

“Thanks so much for yesterday, it was truly spectacular.  The whole Buttercups family did an incredible job and made the day very very very special. “