Our Commitment

At Buttercups Childcare, our commitment to ensuring a seamless and positive transition to daycare is exemplified by the heartfelt appreciation expressed in Collin's special handmade card.

Collin’s card serves as a clear testament to our success in creating an environment where children and families feel embraced and supported in their daycare journey.

Our approach is deeply rooted in establishing a nurturing and caring atmosphere that fosters a sense of comfort, security, and belonging in children as they embark on their daily adventures at daycare.

Acknowledging the individuality of each child, we invest the time and effort to understand the unique qualities and requirements of every child and their family. This strategy allows us to best cater to the distinct needs and preferences of both the children and their families.

Our commitment to a smooth transition extends to our orientation sessions. During these sessions, families and children are welcomed to our Centre where they have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with our dedicated educators, explore the warm, welcoming and stimulating environment that we provide, and gain familiarity with the daily routines that shape their daycare experience.

We maintain open and transparent communication with parents by providing regular updates and progress about their child’s settling in and activities at daycare via the OWNA App. This digital connection ensures that parents remain engaged and well-informed throughout the course of the day, fostering a strong partnership between our caregivers and families.

At Buttercups Childcare, we are committed to going above and beyond in creating an environment where children thrive, and families feel valued. Collin’s special card reflects the culmination of our efforts and underlines our dedication to making the transition to daycare a joyful and enriching experience for all.