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Health and safety of our lovely children, families and early childhood educators have always been our highest priority. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that information and support are even more essential in keeping all children, families and teams reassured.  We are taking all the necessary precautions including educators wearing masks, more vigorous cleaning of …


Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony 2020!!!

Button up your gown, fix your cap, and secure your tassel because Buttercups celebrates Kindergarten Graduation 2020! On Thursday, 3rd December, Buttercups Childcare & Kindy (Aberdeen Street Centre) held Graduation Ceremony for our Kindergartens which was attended by many proud parents and families. The graduation ceremony was held in the Daffodil Room (Kindy). The children …

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World Space Week

Buttercups Childcare & Early Learning Centre celebrated ‘World Space Week’. It is never too early to introduce the concept of space and planets to children. Not only does it spark imagination and ignite curiosity, but it also enhances all areas of child’s development.  Our Early Childhood Educators spent time planning a variety of fun space-like …

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Sea Week Fun!

Throughout last week, all our rooms celebrated Sea Week. Buttercups Early Childhood Educators provided the children with a range of exciting sensory, art and craft experiences such as water play, painting fishes, and making aquarium using recycled and natural materials.   Our Daffodil Children were given the task to help clean up the sea (that …

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Bye bye Terrible Twos!

Both parents and educators in early learning centres like Buttercups may refer to the Toddler years as the “Terrible Twos.” It’s a normal developmental phase experienced by young children that’s often marked by tantrums, defiant behaviour and lots of frustration. During this stage, your child will naturally want to explore their environment and have and do …

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Children and self-regulation

Self-regulation is the ability to understand and manage one’s behaviour and reactions to feelings and things happening in the environment. Infants and young children depend on their caregivers to help them when they feel distressed or overwhelmed. As an infant matures, they can develop self-soothing strategies, such as thumb-sucking, rocking and actively seeking the comfort …

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