Birdie and the Virus

Birdie and the Virus has been specifically designed to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of babies and young children, their parents and families, during the COVID-19 pandemic. A virus has made Birdie’s friends sick! Birdie feels lonely and worried. What if everyone stays sick forever? But the doctors and nurses are there to

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Road safety

This coming month we will be exploring and practicing road safety. If you are looking for activities and general information on this topic, please visit sdera.wa.edu.au/program.. to find songs, activities and activity sheets to explore this topic in an age appropriate way.

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Bushfires in Australia

All across the country educators in early learning centres like Buttercups support children in understanding the current bush fires. Developed by the Queensland Government, the book “Birdie and the fire” is part of a series of books written with the support of mental health experts to support children to cope with natural disasters and other

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Early learning through creative play

Through drama, visual arts, crafts, music and dance children develop skills and understanding of the world around them and their place within it. Have a look at this article to find out what early learning and development is happening through the various types of creative play: https://raisingchildren.net.au/toddlers/development/creative-development/toddler-creative-development At early learning centres like Buttercups, educators encourage

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Water Safety

Summer is just around the corner and educators across all rooms have started to implement water-based activities that provide great early learning opportunities for our children – watering our flower beds, water paintings, sensory water trays including natural resources like lemons from our tree and lots of pouring and stirring experiences, bubble baths and more!

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Importance of daily tasks

At Buttercups Childcare & Kindergarten, early learning experiences are part of our daily routines and programs and throughout our day we encourage children to be involved in daily tasks teaching them important life skills. Through helping with tasks children learn responsibility and self-reliance, they become a valuable member of the family “team” which helps to

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Forest learning

Have you heard about “forest learning” and how it can help children develop emotional resilience? Forest learning provides children with the opportunity to connect or re-connect with the world around them in its natural state! Children and young people are provided with early learning opportunities to explore the natural environment, experience appropriate risk and challenge,

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