My personal philosophy is based around the belief that children are unique and individual learners. I value their individual needs, abilities and interests. Through a play based program I will provide opportunities for the children to grow through the curriculum.

The environment both indoor and outdoor are an important part of my philosophy and teaching style. I believe the environment should be stimulating, provide open-ended tasks and change regularly to reflect the needs of our children.

I value the contributions of families and the wider community and believe that partnerships should be based on respect, trust and open communication.

I believe in teaching about our multicultural society so they will learn how diverse our country is. I will aim to teach cultural competence to our children to enable them to understand and effectively interact with people from a range of cultures.

As a teacher I am friendly and responsive to the children building relationships. I am enthusiastic as well as an eager learner and I believe in making every opportunity we are given worthwhile.  I can inspire the children I teach to want to learn and be confident in their abilities. I am a good communicator and very approachable which I believe is key in helping all our children.