As a committed and passionate early childhood educator I believe every child responds to love and positive care.

From a very early age I have never wanted anything more than to work and care for young children.

I take pride in seeing children develop in a caring educational environment, while providing the assurance of love,learning life skills and care, a philosophy I share with Buttercups.

I understand children have different needs and learning abilities. It is my passion to ensure I recognise their uniqueness and allow development at their pace.

I love to use the holistic environment ,recycled and natural materials as part of my everyday teaching to enhance each child’s skills and outcomes which is what I as an educator hope to achieve during their time here at buttercups.

I never tire of seeing a child’s face bursting into a smile, each time they walk into the room.

I always show patience, understanding and care to every child. It is a real pleasure to be given the opportunity to have such an impact on their early learning years.

My greatest goal for each individual child is to remember their first educator as having a positive impact on their learning journey as I did when I started my journey as a child.