My name is Rista Chutoo and I am from Mauritius. I have studied a Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care in Perth. 

My childcare philosophy is simple. Children are capable of a great deal of skills and have many ways that they communicate their needs. I let them lead with their interests, interact with them using verbal and non-verbal communication, allow them time and space to complete activities. I believe that I am compassionate towards their feelings and I try to create a feeling of safety and trust for the children in my care.

Additionally, I believe that all children are unique, intelligent and learn in their own way.  Hence, as an educator, I support the children to exploit all their skills and talent as well as build their self-esteem. I greatly endorse learning through play, exploration, investigation among other teaching techniques and scaffolding each and everything they learn makes their learning better. My early childcare training has taught me to reach out to each child and ask myself ‘what does this child need? How can I best assist them? How can I encourage further exploration of an activity?’.

Coming from a multicultural country, I deeply value diversity and promote the same teaching values to provide the children opportunities to have mutually respectful relationships with everyone.

Thus, I strive to provide a holistic approach when caring and educating children by understanding that every child is capable, competent and successful in their learning.