Our Service

Buttercups has four beautifully appointed classrooms all with botanical names.

The Baby Room is known as the Poppy Room.

In this room we care and nurture babies with staff ratio 1 educator to every 4 babies. We also have a separate babies cot sleep room. The sleep times are recorded and the babies are checked every 10 minutes to ensure their safety and wellbeing. We work in partnership with families to maintain the routines that are currently embedded at home

The Wobbler/ Toddler Room is known as the Tulip Room.

This room caters for children with a ratio of 1 Educator to every 4 children. This is a great room for children to investigate and explore their environment. The outdoor area for the Tulip Room has a large veranda area and the beautiful lemon, orange and mango trees provide shade throughout the day.

The Pre-Kindy Room is called the Daisy Room.

We cater for children with a ratio of 1 Educator to every 5 children. The highlight of this room is the large painted submarine that provides a porthole for the children to sit and look into the aquarium and enjoy watching the fish. This is a very calming and popular space for the children. The outdoor area provides a large fun maze and boat shaped sandpit.

The Kindy Room is called the Daffodil Room.

The Kindy Room educates children with staff to child ratio of 1 to 10. This busy room has an Early Childhood Teacher that leads the program to provide the educational play based early learning program. The outdoor area with a wide veranda, boasts a castle fort, a stilted cubby with slide and a figure eight bike track. A beautifully appointed separate nature art area allows for smaller groups in which to be creative.

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