Our Childcare Centres

Buttercups Childcare has beautifully appointed activity rooms all with botanical names.

The Baby’s Rooms (Poppy Room)

In our Poppy Rooms we care and nurture babies whilst developing the all important relationships with the children and families. The room environment allows the babies to grow and explore the different early learning experiences in the room at their own pace. Each Poppy Room, also features a separate sleep room in which the sleep times are recorded and the babies are physically checked every 10 minutes to ensure their safety and wellbeing whilst sleeping. We work in partnership with families to maintain the children’s home routines to ensure consistency of care and support of each child. 

The babies also have a separate outdoor area, to allow for gross motor development, sand play and enjoyment of the outdoor activities.

The Wobblers Rooms (Lavender Room) / Toddler’s Rooms (Tulip Room)

The Lavender/Tulip environments allows the children to investigate and explore their environments creating opportunities for play-based learning as they continue to develop  whilst interacting with a range of different activities. The rooms are designed to give the children opportunities to enhance their imagination, develop their emotional and social skills or enjoy moments of solitude. There will be plenty of opportunities for educators to interact and encourage the children as they develop confidence and a feeling of belonging in their new environment. Each of our beautiful outdoor areas have a maze, sandpits, cubby houses, natural trees which will encourage exploration and fun experiences.

The Pre-Kindy Rooms (Daisy Room)

The Pre-Kindy Room is designed to create environments where children can investigate and develop self confidence in large and small groups but also as individuals. The children in this age group are becoming more independent, so open shelved activities provide opportunities for self-selection as they are becoming more creative in their imaginative play. Social interaction is enhanced during construction play, role play and creative experiences, which are promoted in our play based early learning areas where the children can be challenged or revisit activities as they master their developing skills. 

Our beautifully appointed nature play outdoor areas are shared with the Kindy children. Here the varying age groups learn to navigate the different play areas, learn from each other, develop self confidence in their own abilities.

The Kindy (Daffodil) Rooms

The Kindy Rooms educational early learning curriculum is delivered through play-based experiences run by an Early Childhood Teacher. A basic school readiness program is promoted where children are being taught throughout the year to develop self-help skills and self-regulation. Our Kindy room has many creative, challenging and interactive activities to inspire children with their fine motor and cognitive skills as they further develop their social & emotional skills. The indoor space provides the children with the opportunity to enhance their own learning by connecting with their peers, educators and resources.

Outside they have the large exciting nature play area to learn about risk taking (under educators supervision) where they can be challenged and confident developing a sense of pride in their achievements. 

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