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The best way to prepare your child for childcare is to get excited! It’s the start of an amazing period of growth and development for them. If you’re happy they’re more likely to be happy.

What to expect on Day One

At Buttercups Daycare 3-5-year-old Kindy program there is a strong focus on literacy, language, numeracy, science and technology skills and concepts. These fundamental learning areas are developed and built through a diverse range of learning experiences that are centered on the children’s interests and developmental needs. The children are given ample time to explore, experiment, problem solve and create through the engagement of a range of materials and resources such as natural materials, creative art supplies, clay and playdough, loose parts, pictures and books.

At this age children show a strong interest in words and numbers this will be extended and expanded upon heavily within the learning environment. Educators will plan and arrange learning experiences, structured learning activities and play-based experiences which will focus on key concepts of numeracy such as oral counting, number identification, ordering, sizing etc. In literacy learning educators will help foster children’s skills in Phonemic awareness, letter recognition, letter identification, initial sounds and name recognition.

Throughout our 3-5 year-old Kindy program children will be provided with a learning environment which helps foster the development of self-help skills in order to create a successful transition to school. Educators will ensure that secure and meaningful relationships are built with all of the children and will help to guide children as they learn to manage their emotions and interactions with others. Ensuring children’s social competence is at the core of readiness for school and should be developed when the child is ready and at their own pace.

Overall at Buttercups Kindy, we strive to ensure that children are given engaging, meaningful and stimulating learning experiences provided through an environment which develops the whole child and therefore providing children with the most successful and positive transition into their next educational journey.

Parent Handbook

Our Parent handbook is readily available at our reception, please see our Centre Managers if you would like a copy.

Please speak to our Centre Manager/Administrator and they will give you a Parent handbook to take away as part of the enrolment package.

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