Philosophy and Approach

At Buttercups we are committed and passionate about promoting the overall development of children in our care. We promote the five statements of the Early Years Framework which are: Children have a strong sense of identity; Children are connected with and contribute to their world; Children have a strong sense of wellbeing; Children are confident and involved learners; and Children are effective communicators. We will promote this learning, whilst delivering the highest standards of child care in a safe, warm and welcoming environment.

We believe each child is an individual, with unique abilities and teach our children to learn through play, shared interests and meaningful interactions with each other. We will provide rich play based experiences, to support children’s learning and cater for each individual child’s development in the areas of physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and moral growth both indoors and outdoors.

As part of our philosophy, we believe in our “Buttercups Approach” which is for our educators to know every child and their
families, promoting our core philosophy in making “Buttercups” a warm, safe, friendly, nurturing, encouraging and homely
an environment that enables the children and parents to develop close relationships as they work in partnership and have a shared
understanding of the goals for each child.

We are passionate about the care we provide and believe that all children should be treated equally, each child’s social and cultural background is acknowledged and respected and that children should be encouraged to learn to be inclusive and respectful of the values and roles of those in our diverse society and local community. As part of our employment strategy, we are inclusive and embrace the employment of diverse educators which promotes a rich learning environment.

We believe strongly that good nutrition, coupled with active body and physical activities, are the bedrock of lifelong health
and we encourage healthy eating to stabilise children’s energies, sharpen their minds, even out their moods and shape their appreciation that a healthy diet is paramount to their wellbeing through life.