Providing Early Learning Experiences

At Buttercups Childcare we provide a rich stimulating learning experience that gives your child a platform to learn:

  • communication skills
  • digest information
  • create and build friendships
  • valuing and respecting other cultures, religions and views.

We focus on individuality and inclusion and provide a play based learning experience where your children can have fun with our educators while learning:

  • explorations
  • puzzle and problem solving
  • sharing concepts
  • language skills
  • numeracy and literacy

All experiences are designed through play in our superb nature play area, outdoor vegetable gardens, sand pits and dedicated messy areas.

Activities in our program

  • Exciting and Challenging Outdoor nature play areas
  • Science, nature, adventure, water, sand, plants experiences
  • Continuous art projects
  • Jolly phonics
  • Literacy and Numeracy programs
  • Cooking
  • Yoga
  • Cosy area and library
  • Drama and role play
  • Music and Dance
  • Spontaneous activities formed from the child’s interests
  • Photo walls, family, birthdays, artwork, events and posters