St John Ambulance Incursion

On 12th January 2021, Buttercups Childcare and Early Learning Centre held a very special incursion from St John Ambulance.

The children all sat on the mat and listened as Blade, the Ambulance officer, spoke all about the role of an ambulance officer in our community, what’s  inside an ambulance and how to call an ambulance for help. Blade then read the children a story about a boy who had to take a ride in the ambulance after falling from the playground.

The children then headed outside to see the ambulance; they had the turns inside the ambulance and explored all its equipments and features. The children also got to sit in an ambulance wheelchair and try a paramedic uniform on. 

This incursion was aimed to teach children basic first aid and how to respond in an emergency; it was very beneficial for our children.

What a great incursion we had! Thank you so much St John Ambulance for all the invaluable work you do in our community.

We at Buttercups are passionate about education and safety, and believe children can start learning valuable life-saving skills from a young age.