Physical skills declining

A major study of more than 4000 Perth children has found basic physical skills such as balance, running, jumping, throwing and catching have declined in comparison with the previous generation! Please read more here – https://thewest.com.au/news/perth/researchers-find-gen-z-falling-behind-gen-x-in-childhood-physical-skills-ng-b881228537z At Buttercups Childcare & Kindy we incorporate daily outdoor activities in our weekly program and constantly strive to come …

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Park play

Park play has so many benefits for your child’s development – gross motor development, advancing social skills and self-regulation etc. As a mostly unstructured activity, visiting a park is an opportunity for parents to allow children to make independent decisions in a relatively controlled and contained environment, which allows for some risk-taking and experimentation. At …

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Positive communication

At Buttercups Childcare & Kindy, we have a strong commitment to using positive communication when talking to the children in our care. What does that mean you wonder? We avoid saying “Don’t run” and use “Please walk” instead! We strongly believe that talking to children the way one likes to be talked to shows great …

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