Beechboro/Hull Park Early Learning Centre

Buttercups Childcare and Early Learning Centre Beechboro (Previously Hull Park Early Learning Centre) is situated just off the Altone Rd exit on Reid Hwy, located behind the Altone Shopping Centre complex on Hull Way.  

Hull Park



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Manager, Buttercups Childcare Hull Park

Educating and caring for young children has been my passion for over 30 years. I believe that all children are entitled to quality education and care and aim to provide an environment where, not only the children gain a sense of belonging, but also their families gain a sense of belonging. My style of teaching stems from the theoretical perspectives of Jean Piaget, Erik Erickson, Albert Bandura, Abraham Maslow and my two personal favourites, Maria Montessori and Loris Malaguzzi. I believe children learn best by being an active participant in their learning and aim to provide a learning environment inclusive of their cultural background, interests, needs and wants. Children are like sponges – eager to soak up every learning opportunity that are given to them. I will ensure that I provide them with the opportunities to help them to grow in their knowledge and developmental areas so they can be confident individuals ready for the world ahead of them.

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